Spokane Modern Quilt Guild

Meeting Minutes for September 29, 2010


1st meeting we discussed structure

–          We’ll have members, a secretary and a blog

2nd meeting we came up with a fabric challenge

–          2 fabrics

–          Make anything you want using one or both

–          Due for the November meeting

We’ll have a demonstration of a technique at each meeting

We’ll have show and tell at each meeting


 1st National Modern Quilt Guild Challenge

–          Send in a photo of your inspiration

–          Send in photo of quilt and a paragraph explanation

–          3 winners per challenge

–          For more info go to the Modern Quilt Guild website

Demo of accuquilt go

–          Can cut different shapes with different die cuts

–          Up to 4 layers at a time

–          Machine is $350, die cuts range from $35-$65

–          Heartbeat Quilting on Sprague and Sullivan has a die cut machine you can rent by the hour

Show and Tell

–          Carrie showed her strip quilt made with Amy Butler’s martini dots that she used the accuquilt go to cut.  She put it together in about 2 hours

–          Serenity brought her first quilt ever – it was awesome!!  She used an array of Anna Maria Horner fabrics and put it together without a pattern, trying to blend colors together

–          Moni brought three pieces; one she made for an auction, another using bento boxes but not in the traditional way and a spectacular appliqué piece using the Ann Holmes method.  She also told us about a website for free motion quilting information

–          Marci brought her fabric challenge in because she thought it was due today having only heard about it yesterday!  She made a doll with clothing and matching quilt.

–          Kassie brought a reversible table topper that she made using scraps and an Amy Butler back which she followed the hexagonal pattern for quilting.

Quilting class coming up at The Top Stitch on October 6th from 6-8pm.  Cost is $38 which includes the pattern for the “Five and Dime” quilt you’ll be making.

Suggestion was made that we do a name tag challenge starting in January

What’s next?

Next meeting is Wednesday October 27th at 6pm at The Top Stitch

–          Lori will be doing a demo on quilt binding

November meeting will be on Wednesday November 17th at 6pm at The Top Stitch

–          Demonstration will be on free motion quilting

No December meeting


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  1. * Moni says:

    The link to the free motion site is incorrect in the September minutes. It should be:

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