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Project Modern Challenge #3

Check out Project Modern Challenge #3.  Enter to win a Horizon 7700!


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Spokane MQG Meeting March 2, 2011 at 6:00PM

Join us tomorrow evening at 6:00pm at The Top Stitch for the Spokane Chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild.   Bring your modern quilts or sewing projects to share, enjoy a sewing/quilting demo and fellowship from other enthusiasts.

Tomorrows demonstration will be based on traditional piecing.  See you there!

NEW!!! Check out the new Spokane MQG workshops.  Upcoming workshop: Paper bags of scraps improv. piecing exercise.  All information listed in the Upcoming Events tab on this site.

The following is information about the how and what of The Modern Quilt Guild.

About Us

The Modern Quilt Guild is a community of quilt guilds across the country. The online community of modern quilters is thriving and this guild grew out of a desire to also have us meet in person. The founding branch of the guild started in Los Angeles in October of 2009. Through blogs & the internet word spread quickly of the fun they were having and now branches have started popping up all over the country. We are a young organization just getting started with planning, organizing and sorting out all we will do as an association.

We encourage anyone who’s interested to join us! Beginners are welcome.

What is Modern Quilting?

Modern quilting is a new twist on the traditional art of quilting. This may mean something as simple as using a traditional quilt block and updating it in a fresh fun new way. That includes using modern fabrics, modifying the block arrangement or even the scale of the block.   The piecing could be improvisational and wonky, or it could be very exact and measured, following a pattern or creating your own. The quilting could be traditional stippling, clean straight lines or a very “free” have fun, quilt as you go style. Fabrics could be upcycled vintage sheets, custom digital printed fabric, a yummy selection from one of the new modern fabric designers, or an old fabric from an ever growing stash.

Modern quilting is sometimes difficult to define because in many ways the definition is as individual as the quilter – changing from quilter to quilter. In addition to reflecting the individual personality and personal style of the quilter it also reflects the current aesthetic of the day.

Modern quilting is also about the attitude and the approach that modern quilters take. It respects the amazing artistry and talent of the tradition of quilting, while allowing the quilter to challenge the “rules”. In fact, if there were one rule in modern quilting it would be that there are no rules.

The concept of modern quilting is not meant to divide or segregate. It is meant to welcome new quilters, of all ages, to the world of quilting in a style that they can relate to. In many ways, modern quilting takes us back to the basics of the early quilters, when women of the day used the colors and styles of their time to express themselves creatively.

Modern Quilt Guild Challenge 2

Winners for the first challenge for Modern Quilt Guild have been posted and so has the new challenge. Information on how to enter and challenge, rules, and the prizes that can be won can be found on the Modern Quilt Guild link.

Spokane Modern Quilt Guild meets Wednesday, January 26 at 6:00 pm at The Top Stitch.  Moni will demonstrate how to square up a quilt top.  Please join us for inspiration, demonstrations and fellowship!

Spokane MQG challenge winners!

So many wonderful projects to choose from.

First place was Katie’s apron. She made the pattern herself, we were all inspired.

Next was a tie for 2nd and 3rd place; Diane’s throw pillow and Moni’s quilt were equally awesome.  Honorable mention, Serenity’s little girls dress.

Check out more project pictures on The Top Stitch facebook.

Claudia Vess gave us a demonstration on free motion quilting, using the Janome Horizon.  Thank you Claudia for all the great tips and techniques on free motion quilting.

Upcoming classes:  Claudia will be teaching Tossed 9 Patch quilt class at The Top Stitch, December 8, from 5-8 pm.  Call to sign up 509-328-7397.  Carrie will be teaching; Learn to Quilt your Quilt, coming up November 30 at The Top Stitch.

Members also provided show and tell projects:

This adorable robot quilt by Gretchen.

We will not be meeting in December.  You are welcome to join the next Spokane Modern Quilt Guild meeting, January 26 from 6-7:30pm.  Moni will demonstrate how to square up your quilt.  Be inspired!

October Spokane MQG Minutes

A reminder that Wednesday, the 17th of November is Spokane’s deadline for our challenge contest. We will be voting on the winner at our meeting.

Remember, it can be anything as long as you’ve used at least a little bit of either one of our challenge fabrics.

November 30th is The Modern Quilt Guild’s deadline. Your quilt must be at least 45″ X 60″ and include a photo of what inspired your creation.

Show & Tell:

Annie passed around a picture of her mermaid-tailed “chair”ity chair.

Gina introduced us to two of her new favorite books, The Color Harmony Book, and Dare to Be Square Quilting. She also told us to look at buying needlecraft books from Hamilton Bookseller, which boasts $3.95 shipping for your whole order.

Moni proved to be our most ambitions quilter by showing off her husband’s birthday present, a free-motioned mountain goat quilt. She also suggested we use a monofilament bobbin thread for the back of an art quilt, to prevent the bobbin thread from showing on the front and interfering with the look of the quilt.

Katie showed us her Buggy Barn “Heart Crazies” quilt, leaving us all drooling over the beautiful, discontinued fabric.

Sandra showed us her Halloween quilt. She proved that even if you don’t know the exact technique, you can improvise. Complete with stars, Jack-o-lanterns, candy corns, ghosts and witch, the quilt was funky and whimsical.

Christine told us to take a look at her blog, thingstomakeinsteadofdinner.blogspot.com and told us about her brother’s 40th birthday quilt.

Lori was our demonstrator, showing us a genius way to bind a quilt.  Before she got started on her demo, she told us a little bit about fabric, citing one of her favorite books, “From Fiber to Fabric”

Lori explained that greigh (gray) goods is un dyed, woven fabric that is either dyed (like batik fabric) or printed (like Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner etc.).

The “First Run” of a print is made with the highest quality of greigh goods, because the pictures are clearer and the lines are sharper. The high thread count fabric costs more, but also lasts longer and tends to shrink less.

The “Second Run” is made with a less costly fabric once the printing plates can no longer make pristine images.

First Run–Best Quality–higher price–Boutique stores (like The Top Stitch)

Second Run–Good Quality–middle range price

Third Run–Mediocre Quality–Bargain stores

Lori suggested determining the purpose and life expectancy of an item before purchasing the fabric. If you’re looking to make a Halloween costume, the quality of fabric doesn’t matter as it would if you were making an heirloom quilt.

Now, onto the binding:

–A good binding makes the quilt.

Lori uses a “double binding” which is a 2 1/2 inch strip with pieces joined diagonally. She folds the 2 1/2 inch strip in half (wrong sides together) making it 1 1/4 inches.

Lori suggested NOT removing excess on the quilt edges until the first half of the binding is done, saying it was easier to have something to hold onto.

She starts on the middle of one edge, leaving six or so inches of the binding unsewn, and begins sewing. With a 1/4 inch seam allowance, the two raw edges of the binding facing the raw edge of the quilt. When she reaches a corner, she places a pin angling up through the corner and sews along the pin, backstitching 1/4 inch before the turn up the pin and before the needle leaves the quilt. She then continues sewing the next straight side.

Once she is a few inches from meeting her staring point, at the middle of the first straight side, she takes her two tail ends, and finds exactly where the will meet and irons (or finger presses) the edges butting up to on another. Using those folds as a guide, she uses three pins and joins the two pieces of binding together, their folds making an “X.”

As the thread from the sewing machine joins the two pieces, it looks as though the biding was joined on the diagonal, just as the other pieces, and one could not tell where the binding began or ended.

If you haven’t cut off the excess before you did the first half of the binding, go ahead and do it now, but be careful of the corners. You’ll want to be sure to keep the binding intact so the folds are seamless.

As you sew the second half of the binding, curl up with the blanket on top of you, watch some TV, and use a whipstitch. 🙂

She said if the fabric she’s using for the binding is a stripe or plaid, or if the quilt has curved edges, she will cut bias strips. If the fabric is a print, or the sides of the quilt are straight, she could just use straight binding.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 17th, 6pm at The Top Stitch.  The demo at the November meeting will be by Claudia Vess, free motion quilting.


Meeting Minutes for September 29, 2010


1st meeting we discussed structure

–          We’ll have members, a secretary and a blog

2nd meeting we came up with a fabric challenge

–          2 fabrics

–          Make anything you want using one or both

–          Due for the November meeting

We’ll have a demonstration of a technique at each meeting

We’ll have show and tell at each meeting


 1st National Modern Quilt Guild Challenge

–          Send in a photo of your inspiration

–          Send in photo of quilt and a paragraph explanation

–          3 winners per challenge

–          For more info go to the Modern Quilt Guild website

Demo of accuquilt go

–          Can cut different shapes with different die cuts

–          Up to 4 layers at a time

–          Machine is $350, die cuts range from $35-$65

–          Heartbeat Quilting on Sprague and Sullivan has a die cut machine you can rent by the hour

Show and Tell

–          Carrie showed her strip quilt made with Amy Butler’s martini dots that she used the accuquilt go to cut.  She put it together in about 2 hours

–          Serenity brought her first quilt ever – it was awesome!!  She used an array of Anna Maria Horner fabrics and put it together without a pattern, trying to blend colors together

–          Moni brought three pieces; one she made for an auction, another using bento boxes but not in the traditional way and a spectacular appliqué piece using the Ann Holmes method.  She also told us about a website for free motion quilting information

–          Marci brought her fabric challenge in because she thought it was due today having only heard about it yesterday!  She made a doll with clothing and matching quilt.

–          Kassie brought a reversible table topper that she made using scraps and an Amy Butler back which she followed the hexagonal pattern for quilting.

Quilting class coming up at The Top Stitch on October 6th from 6-8pm.  Cost is $38 which includes the pattern for the “Five and Dime” quilt you’ll be making.

Suggestion was made that we do a name tag challenge starting in January

What’s next?

Next meeting is Wednesday October 27th at 6pm at The Top Stitch

–          Lori will be doing a demo on quilt binding

November meeting will be on Wednesday November 17th at 6pm at The Top Stitch

–          Demonstration will be on free motion quilting

No December meeting

Meeting September 29 at 6PM

The next Spokane Modern Quilt Guild meeting is scheduled for September 29, 6PM at The Top Stitch, 3808 N Monroe St.

Project Modern

Information has been posted regarding the first challenge for Modern Quilt Guild.  http://themodernquiltguild.com/2010/09/01/project-modern-challenge-1/

Enter and you will be entered into a drawing for a Janome Memory Craft 7700.

There will be 4 challenges taking place throughout a year.

Be sure to get your entries in!

Spokane Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge!

We had a great turn out for our August meeting.  This was the second meeting and things are heading in a positive direction, although our secretary, Patti was not able to attend, (her daughter was getting ready to have a baby!) we’ll have meeting notes from July and August at the September 29 meeting (6PM-7:30PM)

Meetings will be the last Wednesday of each month and we’ll meet from 6pm-7:30pm at The Top Stitch, 3808 N Monroe St.

At this time we opted not to collect dues.  We did decide to have a demo at each meeting and member can take turns.  September’s demo will be on binding!  Bring your show and tell at each meeting, remember, they do not have to be completed projects, so bring what you are working on and share.

The group decided on a fabric challenge.  The rules for the challenge:

Pick 1 or 2 of the selected challenge fabrics.  No minimums and no maximums.

Make whatever you want, that’s right, whatever, a quilt, a top, a purse, whatever inspires you.

Projects are due at the November meeting.

Also exciting news… Modern Quilt Guild is offering 4 national challenges.  Click here for more information on challenge 1:  http://themodernquiltguild.com/2010/09/01/project-modern-challenge-1/ Enter and you will also be entered in to win a Janome Horizon 7700!  Check out this awesome machine at The Top Stitch.

See you at the next Modern Quilt Guild Meeting, September 29 at 6:00 pm.  Someone is bringing treats too!